Repairing Cupped Asphalt Shingles

You did an assessment on your roof and you discovered that your asphalt shingles have started cupping. This is a common problem which should be repaired as soon as possible. Procrastinating about it leads to expensive repairs considering that the problem worsens over time. There are several causes to this problem and it is important that proper maintenance is ensured and the roof restoration repairs done.

What is Shingles Cupping?

There are several definitions on what cupping in shingles is. When you look at the roof and you see that some of them seems depressed, they have become concave, they look distorted or look like cups, some of your shingles are cupped. This is a time that they easily break and need replacement. Repairs should be done immediately by a professional. There are different strategies used in preventing the cupping.

·         Proper Ventilation

The other elements of the roofing structure experience issues too. Decks and the different layers could be trapping heat and moisture. This in turn leads to shingles cupping and it clearly shows on the roof. If the attic is not well-ventilated and it heats up, the heat is transferred to the roof which leads to shingles cupping. In addition to proper care, it’s imperative that proper ventilation is ensured.

·         Proper Installation

In addition to buying quality roofing materials, hiring a skilled roof contractor is one of the most important things you can do when installing a roof. If the roof is still in good condition but the asphalt shingles appeared depressed, it’s probably because it was not properly installed. It could be the binders used were not enough. The only solution to this is re-installing the roof and sufficient binders are used.

·         Know the Appropriate Shingles

Shingles can cup when they are exposed to extreme weather conditions. As a homeowner who wants to avoid such problems, they should work with a contractor to identify the most appropriate shingles for their weather conditions. This is because homeowners have preferences and this might mislead the.

Do Not Walk on Cupped Shingles

You assess the roof yourself and you want to see how extensive the cupping is. You may think of walking on the roof to assess better. It’s advisable that you avoid walking on the roof while it’s in such a condition. This is because besides getting injured especially when you do not have protective gear, you can cause irreparable damage to the shingles. They break one by one and this calls for an emergency replacement.

 Poor storage, extreme weather conditions, poor ventilation and installation are some of the major causes of asphalt shingles cupping. Asphalt is affordable as a roofing material and it looks stylish once installed but this is a common problem with it. The problem gets worse if not repaired and it’s even worse when one steps on them. They actually break and requires replacement. To help minimize the chances of the shingles cupping, proper ventilation, storage and installation of the roof is highly recommended.